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Has anyone made a Coopers Sparkling Ale? I tryed it at my local (on tap) and it was tops. On the Coopers web site they say to make it with 1.5kg of Light Malt Extract, 500g of Light Dry Malt & 300g of Dex. Just wondering has anyone made it this way or what variations could i make to improve it.
Seems a bit light for CSA if this was for 20ish litres. Maybe around 15L you would get an OG of 1050ish. Is this the full recipe or do you add this to the new CSA extract kit? If you add it to the kit it would be a BIG beer - too big I think.
There is a BIG thread about this in Recipes and Ingredients. Rather than split the topic all over the place, why not continue the discussion over there.

Closing this thread.
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