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Just wondered whether anyone knows the approximate IBUs in a tin of Coopers International Series Australian Pale Ale. I'm doing a kits and bits with it and was thinking of using some of the hallertau I've got lying around when I boil the bits (no, not those bits). I don't like a lot of hop bitterness, aiming more for aroma and subtle hop flavour.

Is this a futile pursuit, or worth doing? That's why I want to find out the IBU's, so I have an idea of what I'm fooling around with. I've tried the Coopers customer service line, but all I get is a recorded message from Frank, promising to get back to me.

if you dry hop, or add only a couple of minutes before the end of the boil, you will add hardly any bitterness anyway.
Hey man I've used hellertau in some Coopers kits. I put a soup spoon full in the first, boiled for 5 mins. That was the IPA. Can't say I noticed anything. Only bitterness from the hopped kit.

Then I dry hopped into Coopers Nut Brown Ale. Opened the fermenter and poured in a spoonful 2 days before bottling. Didn't notice anything then either.

Next time I boiled 5 mins again, but put in about 3 heaped soup spoonfuls. I tasted after 1 week bottled. Now we're talkin baby. Nice aroma. This is the Thomas Coopers Sparkling Ale. Must have been about 30-35g.

I've got a 40g pkt Cascade pellets for my next brew. ESB 3kg Nut Brown.

I'll be preparing a bit of fence for some hop vines soon.

Sorry haven't investigated the IBU angle yet.
Rubes, thanks 4 the link - perfect (the answer was 18!). Think I'll just dry hop.

The new Coopers IPA has an IBU of 45.

Coopers will tell you the IBU/ECB figures if you email them

Jovial Monk
45 seems high. Mind you 18 seems ridiculously low.
The coopers pale ale kit is great for spicing up with whatever hop you desire. 18 IBU is bugger all, and does give a slightly bland stock kit.

I'm drinking a pale ale kit made with a fair whack of cascade at the moment, and its going down quite well.
The 45 IBU is for the new India Pale Ale kit, not the Australian one

Due to low stocks I have a kit Sparkling Ale that had 20grams of hallertau flowers thrown in when the brew was racked to a second fermenter. Tasted fine when transfered to a keg (CO2 will be delivered on Friday).

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