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Hi All,

I have been hanging around for some time but not yet posted (that I remember)

I've just got myself a new kettle that has an inbuilt immersion style chiller. The kettle also has a pump connected with multiple ball valves to redirect the flow of wort. One option with the setup is to pump the wort back into the kettle which is supposed to assist with quicker cooling time.

Can anyone confirm/deny this is a good idea? I don't think I have seen this being done before and am just a bit concerned it may not be a good thing to do.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I'll try to add more detail.


post some pics of teh kettle an d setup might help...

where abouts are r located?
Not seeing it but guessing...what you have is the makings of a HERMS system and what you are actually refering to as the kettle would actually be your HLT. However, I might be wrong too. As it stands though, hooking a garden hose to the immersion chiller will work just fine. No need to do any fancy recirculating at this stage.

I can't see any logical reason to pump wort out of the kettle to then just run it through the immersion chiller (which is in the hot wort)? Unless I'm reading it wrong but it makes no sense. Are you sure the plumbing that allows you to recirculate the wort back into the kette is not to allow you to use the hot wort to sterilise the pump before you finally chill it and then pump it to your fermenter.

Whichever way it is, I think it's best if you can post some photos like GMK said. I'm not sure your understanding fully the pieces of equipment in your brewery. What sort of experience do you have, kit, partial mash, all grain?? Might give us a handle on where to start.

Anyway, good work, your on the path to good beer.

Cheers, Justin
Thanks for the responses guys. I will post some pics when I can, I'm away from home for the next week and a bit so will post when I can.

GMK, I'm in Hobart.
Justin, thanks for the info, I didn't think of the sterilising option. Maybe in the past it was part of a HERMS system but previous owner used it as a kettle. Has two electic elements and is apporx 60lts in capacity.

My experience, I have down 10 or so AG's using an esky/monifold and a plastic bucket to boil. May not have a full understanding but do have a fair idea.

Anyway, I'll post some more details when I can.

Cheers for now.