Continued Fermentation After Racking?

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Hi All,

I am doing a Doppelbock using Weyermans Maibock LME and Wyeast 2487 Hella Bock limited edition yeast. Pretty happy with how things have gone so far. OG was 1.083 fermented at 11 degrees C. I did a diacetyl rest at 14 degrees at 1.045 then racked when the SG was steady at 1.029 (was aiming for 1.025) for 3d.

At racking I added Medium Toasted American Oak cubes that had been soaking in Wild Turkey for a month. After racking 4d ago and prior to lagering, I have already noticed a significant amount of sediment and action in the airlock but the SG has not decreased. In fact it has risen to 1.036!!

My questions are:

1) Should I rack again prior to lagering as the beer will be lagered for 6 weeks and I dont want any off flavours from the yeast.

2) Why has the airlock been active but the SG not decreased? Anything to do with sugars in the oak or bourbon?

3) Why has the SG gone up? Is it just that the beer has stratified a bit being denser lower down where I am taking the sample (from the tap).

Any help as always appreciated.

BTW, the brew tastes great at this stage. I used Hallertau aroma hops. Really looking forward to the finished product.



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