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Why not ring the guy up and have a "little" chat :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dicko knows what I mean

Batz :ph34r:

It seems to be courtesy here to disavow any affiliation with the vendor, when posting a link like this.
Do you know these vendors, perhaps?

If not, send them an email to ask 4 prices. Prob out of all sanity, but its nice 2 know.

Sethule out
Looks a bit too Pro for me ,I make more than I can drink with just my simple gear .
I suppose its like looking at the BMW in a showroom.
But you can always pick up ideas from these things .
Linz that is a good site,they have everything in the States

A local lhbs has one of the small ones in the window. Has been sitting there for a while. I think it cost a packet.
Only just over 24 litres, I think. Not a lot of headspace, and it's plastic, so not much better than a standard plastic fermentor. May be a tad quicker though.

Did some quick numbers last night and it was around the Aus $250.00 landed here for the smallest one
Its a bit difficult to justify when a 30 buck plastic bucket does the same but then gain Mag wheels only add a cosmetic job to a car .

Wonder if they would charge excess baggage on the plane might be going there soon .

$30 plastic bucket!! You guys are getting ripped off.. Go to bunnings and get one from there. The normal Plastic Fermenters that we use are being sold at bunnings for under $20. Then you go out and buy the tap for a few $$$ and a sediment reducer if you use them
We I do suppose both ferment wort , but I don't think they are the same.
I would love a couple , but afraid I am never going to be so lucky

Batz said:
Why not ring the guy up and have a "little" chat :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dicko knows what I mean
I was going to ring this shop and ask a few questions about something he sells. Now I'm wondering about your reply. Is there something I should know about this bloke before I ring?
He's a really nice bloke to chat with ;)

Likes a little chat as well , don't ring on your mobile ;)

Batz said:
Likes a little chat as well , don't ring on your mobile ;)
Oh I see now.
I should be right, the battery in my cordless phone is on it's way out and I'm lucky if I can get 5 minutes out of it before it starts with the warning beeps :)
I was in the Grain and grape today and noticed a SS conical fermenter. It looked so great I nearly started salivating. :D
I had to ask what size it was and how much. It actually looked very small to me. I got told it was a 26 litre fermenter and the cost was seven hundred and something dollars. Damn thats a lot of dosh. He then said they had a fourty something litre one that only cost about $50 more. They looked excellent but I can only dream about them at the moment.



PS: I am no way affiliated with the G&G.
ss conicals quoted price in sept as follows

55l $1180

108l $1450.

quotes from ibrew.

so there ya go.start saving your dollars or buy direct from the states.

big d
just came accross this link for cheap conical...

12.2us gallon cylindrical hopper - 152.00 down to 100.00us if u buy 25.
Stand, legs,lid and seal to fit for 85.00us

then just need to drill your own holes and add your own dump valves and it is all done.

I can feel another AHB Bulk Order coming on -

but this time i am not organising it - the almost 20kg of bulk hop order is enough for me at the mo....
I think shipping will be the issue here.
If we could organise shipping though I'd be in for a couple of the conical hoppers B)
Youre right, shipping is expensive, but if you get enough of these then it is worthwhile. Ive currently got a container coming from the US, well dad does anyway. 40ft shipping container from Miami to Sydney costing about $2500 US. Which if you ask me isnt prohibitive in this case. If people find enough stuff which they want and can get it all loaded into a container somehow, then would be worthwhile then just need couriers when it lands in Aus. Also have the issue of splitting all the other taxes.

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