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OK, I've done a bit of importing over the years, and from personal experince I can tell you it can be a real PITA.

The deal from Toldeo Spinning seems good until you start doing the numbers a bit closer. A bulk order of 25 hoppers, a bulk order of 25 stands (which don't include the lid), then you also the racking arm plus a dump valve. These can't be bought from the one place so you have to arrange for them to all be delivered and loaded into your container, which is extra cost. You then need to add 5% duty to all these goods plus the shipping. Then you need to add 10% GST to this subtotal. When it lands in Australia, you will need a customs broker. When it's cleared custom you will have to pay for it to be transported to the half way point, unless someone has a large truck? Oh and who is willing to store such a large delivery. Then add the cost of forwarding to your address in Australia.

I did some quick sums and the landed cost in Australia would be around AUS$650 for all the bits and pieces, UNASSEMBLED, and still requiring forwarding. And this is predicated on ordering 25 units.

Seems to be a lot of rooting around when Johno reported that G&G are selling the same sized SS conicals for about $100 more.

Yeah a SS conical might be nice but I think I'll stick with my $17 plastic bucket type fermenter (which fit in my fridge, pretty sure the conical would require an upgrade).


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