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So after noticing my airlock wasn't seated properly I decided to **** with it to make a nice seal and prevent infection. After some minor moing around the airlock bung went thought the hole into the fermenting beer. The yeast was only pitched this morning, so not much krausen to catch the bung and it went down like a cheap tart. My sanitation is usually immaculate, so not too stressed about an infection. I will report on results in a few weeks.
should be fine! If I recall some one has found kids toy in there fermenter when they drained it lol.

I have done some stupid stuff and never got a infection infact tonight I noticed hair and dirt feel into the fermenter when I tipped the cube up. Oh well its in there now its best to leave it then risk trying to fish it out.
This one time I accidentally took a dump in the fermenter, it came out fine.

The beer on the othe hand...
As a brewer who has only been brewing for not even 12 months, I am actually really surprised at how hard it really is to get an infection! You hear horror stories about infection but I have had 1 and even that was only in a couple of bottles from not cleaning them 100%...I say worst case scenario it turns to cheap wine and you put orange juice in it :lol:
That Mr Snorkel was a cracker! I take my hat off to you sir.
Problem is that often once you do get an infection it hard to track the source and get rid of it.

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