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I want to get a gas line ported manifold with check valves like available here in the US.
The closest I have found online in Australia is the manifold only from Vidfit. Obviously then I'd need to buy all the right fittings and still add check/safety valves.

Does anyone know of the availability of the complete unit like in the HBA link above in Australia ?
I'm after a six port one.

I've attached a picture of a unit were it looks like you can keep adding as many as you need.


I grabbed a 2 port one from morebeer a while back doc its a nice looking unit but the barbed fittings are too big for my gas line :( When I get the compensators from Roach I am going to take it up to Ultimate air and grab some beer line and gas line that will suit it.

It is basically a series of T pieces coupled together with a relief valve on the LHS in your pic. The take offs have the little valve things, only marking on the thing is US PAT. 2929406 on the arms of the valves.

Haven't seen them in AUS but it doesn't look that high tech, hardest bits to find may be the valves and the relief valve part (if you want it). If you want any bigger pics of it let me know and I can post some.

I can get these brand new - as used in pubs in aust.

3 way to 6 way CO2 Flowback Manifolds - price is 20.00 - 40.00
U will then need the Aircocks 1/4" NPT to 1/4" Barbs - price 12.50 ea...the little red lever things in the pic.
U can join manifolds together with a Flowback Manifold Joiner...
Will also need a blank plug 1/4" BSP for the end.

Package of MANIFOLD, 6 OUTLET,1INLET C/W VALVES,6MM = 110.00

If anyone is interested - These prices are subject to confirmation..

Hope this helps u out Doc...

Sounds perfect GMK.
Look forward to hearing the confirmed pricing and availability.

I'm interested too.... looks the goods GMK!

Asher for now
OK - i have confirmed prices for the CO2 manifold setup...

Manifold prices:
3 way - 20.00 Aircocks 4 = 48.00 Blank plug 1.50 Total 69.50
4 way - 25.00 Aircocks 5 = 60.00 Blank plug 1.50 Total 86.50
5 way - 30.00 Aircocks 6 = 72.00 Blank plug 1.50 Total 103.50
6 way - 35.00 Aircocks 7 = 84.00 Blank plug 1.50 Total 120.50

Aircocks with the red handles are 12.00 ea will need an extra one to use as the inlet - cheaper tahn the inlet valve ad allows you to turn the gas off to the whole manifold -
will also need a blanking plug for the end of the manifold: 1.50.

Packaged specials are:
Not that this package does not have teh Aircock for the inlet only a valve - so cant shut the whole manifold off.

Asher, Doc - if u guys are interested i will confirm availabilty later today.
sounds interesting, so these are so you can serve you brew with different carbonation levels, is that right?

Cos right now i have a cider on tap, which i like highly carbonated, but i also want to put on a stout
Nope, sorry kman. This is just purely a way to divide the gas up. Just allows you to easily hook up lots of kegs and then if your not running all of them you can turn the valve off to the un connected kegs.

For different pressures you need multiple regs.

Cheers, JD

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