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hey one and all

just two things.

1. im bout to do my first bluk prime.........hooray for me :lol: lol, the beer has been in cc for a few weeks first cc...............another hooray for me :lol: . anyway my question is ive got a jerry for my cc but its only got a small cap on it, so i was wondering whats the best method to clean it and to makes sure its clean, (being dark inside and all)

2. i just came across 100 750mL bottles :D and wnat to make sure they get a killer clean first off to get rid of any crutsy bits the previous owner may off had on them lol. what would be a good stong sterilizer...?/??????

I got some grolsch bottles that were really crusty and remember thinking there was no way that the gunk was going to come off.
What I did was make a solution of bleach and dishwashing detergent. I soaked them in the laundry tub overnight. The next day most were fine. There was a few that I had to use the brush on.
I was really happy with the results.

well i normally ask questions as i am new at this but i think i have an idea that i find usefull for cleaning those old bottles,i use neo pink solution soak the bottles for an hour then i use a bottle brush on the end of my cordless drill.i rotate the bottle a bit with the drill going full boar for about a minute then i empty and then rinse,after that i use the sterilizer soloution and they come out really clean,its a bit of a hassle but you only need do it once as when i finish a bottle the missus fills it with hot water straight away and rinses it out .then i keep then in a clean cupboard until i use them again,then all i do is put in my steriliser shake around leave for 30 mins tip it out then when i have finished sterilising them all i just tip them all up once more to get the last few drops of steri out then off they go to get filled
i have used the hi pressure washer, blast it in the bottle, just make sure it dont hit your hand ..... or you will feel it

(wear a thick glove, leather if you can, to be safe)
Mine strips stuff on the conceret and did the same to the bottles
If the soaking in the tub doesn't work (once It didn't for me.. so much gunk) I then took them out and all into a create, fill them one by one with the same solution over night, this way all the bottles have the cleaning solution.

ALSO make the solution really strong

fergi Posted on Nov 12 2004, 08:52 PM when i finish a bottle the missus fills it with hot water straight away and rinses it out

did that take much training? :lol:
no didnt take any training,if you leave the bottles on their sink they get annoyed at that ,then they stick them in a cuboard so you bring them out again and soak them in their sink,then they get annoyed at having their sink always with soaking beer bottles so then they decide to rinse them straight away and leaves their kitchen tidy,i suppose the other thing they might decide to do is toss them straight in the bin but i guess they would not like scrounging around inside the big green bins getting crap all over themselves so this idea probably wont be considered

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