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Rumour has it that I am getting a Crankandstein CGM-3D
for Xmas. I need info on how to motorise this baby IE speed motor size Etc. Anybody who has done this and can help with info pitfalls and so on it would be most appreciated.
I can cut and weld steel for the stand and thought of useing a water bottle as a hopper.

Cheers Altstart
Hi Altstart

Keep an eye out on Ebay. Last week I saw a very handy geared motor that would do the trick nicely for $115. Not the cheapest option but would certainly do the trick.

Torque - 100 kg/cm
Shaft Speed - 75 RPM
Gear ratio - 1:36
Permanent Magnet + Brushes
12 volt operation
No-load current - 0.6 amp
Loaded current - 12 amps (typical for heavy load)
Weight 2 kgs
Gearbox - Grease-filled with all metal mixed helical & spur gears

I would think that the torque would be ample, but maybe some other brewers with an engineering background could comment.

nice, how much torque is enough for a mill?
Fred recommends you use at least a 1/4 HP motor with capacitor start. If you have a smaller motor then you'll need to start it with an empty hopper.

MAH, those 12V motors looked good, but not sure on the conversions. I'm guessing that these will have enough torque to start under load of a full hopper

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Well, if my maths is right, 100kg/cm is equal to 7ft/lb or torque. At 75 RPM that's 0.1 HP. Although looking at it, that seems a bit low. It may be 0.1 HP before the gear box, which will multiply the torque massively.

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