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Carbonic acid is created when co2 goes into solution.

So would all the acid leave solution if the beer is allowed to go flat or would some remain?

For example a beer is over carbonated and then carbonation level is lowered. Would that beer have a higher carbonic acid level than the same beer gassed correctly the first time?
Would there be a noticeable difference between the two? (or would it have to be massively over carbed?)
I think its not possible for a beer properly to recover after being heavily overcarbonated (from experience). I dont think its a pure in=out equation with carbonic acid. But I dont have the science to back it up. Interesting research topic though.
When your carbonated water goes flat (completely flat) flavours still remain within....would certainly be the same with beer.
The carbonic acid will be in equilibrium with co2 in the head space, lowering the pressure will not leave a residual carbonic acid derived taste, however depending on the actual overpressure you could I guess rupture residual yeast cells which would impact flavour.

Water with some alkalinity can hold more co2, I would say with flat sparkling water it is the mineral content you can taste.

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