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Just started Homebrewing, started out doing bottles but moved to kegs. I have a home set up I've made which allows me to have 4 (19L) kegs inside the fridge. I have a dual regulator. So I've primed all kegs to get the 02 out and stored them in the fridge. 2 of them I've hooked up to the gas and carbonated them and drinking, the other 2 are still only primed. So what do I do to carbonate them ready to drink when the others run out? will I have to force carb or can I swap the gas over and leave it over a few days to carbonate then replace the gas to the ones I'm using, and when they run out all I have to do is switch over (does this make sense?) I just dont wanna run out during the night and have to wait to carbonate.

Any help would be great

I would just switch the gas over when not drinking
So when you finish drinking for the night swap the gas to the non carbed keg.
You could up the PSI to about 30 for 24 hrs just remember to turn reg back down back to pouring pressure when changing the gas over to the already carbonated keg
I hope this makes sense as i have had a few today :party:
Also welcome to the forums ;)
Yep. Get either a manifold, or some splitters or "T's" and 4 x gas QD's. Just have the 2 untapped kegs slowly gassing up while you drink the other 2. 2 easy. :)
{snip} So when you finish drinking for the night.... {/snip}

Don't know about the rest of you lot but when this time comes I'm flat out figuring out how to button my fly let alone actually attempting to something with gas lines and a pressurised keg...
I have a fridge that fits 6 kegs but I only have 4 taps :( anyway on the side of my fridge I have 4 little regulators that run to each keg and 1 gas line to the 4 reg's. This way I can set a different pressure to each of the 4 keg's. Works great!

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