Can You Dry Hop During/After Cold Crash?

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Launceston Tasmania
Seeing as my brewing fridge is out of action at the moment, my cold crashing will be a bit slow going. Just using frozen milk bottles it'll probably take a couple of days at least. I'm trying to work out when to dry hop so the hops aren't soaking for too long & become too overpowering. If I cold crash first am I able to still drop hop afterwards or is it best to hop while the brew is still warm at the end of the ferment?
Yes you can dry hop after cold crash, you get different flavors/aromas from the hops but it is a recognized technique.

I dry hop and start the cold crash at the same time, to cover my bases, I'm happy with my beers, especially when I have drunk them ;)
I get my best results from dry hopping about 3-4 days after pitching. I keep the beer at the same temp for another 5-6 days then crash chill and keg.

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