Can hop pellets change the colour of Krausen?

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Okay this is probably a total newb question.

Have an APA Kit Brewcraft brewing

1 x Black Rock East India Pale Ale
1 x Black Rock Light Liquid Malt
500g Light Dry Malt
25g Perle Hop Pellets
25g Willamette Hop Pellets
US-05 Yeast

Followed directions from Brewcraft.

LLM and LDM added to 3lts of water brought to boil then the hops added, boiled for 2 minutes then steeped for 20 as directed.
Then IPA can added and all mixed then transferred to FV.
Topped up with cold water to 21lt's.
Yeast pitched when wort dropped down to 24 deg.

Its been brewing for 2 days sitting at 21 deg and the air lock is bubbling away almost constantly.

My questions are
a) The Krausen is like mega hop green - have the hop pellets given it this colour or is it infected?

b) When I tasted it whilst doing the OG it was as bitter as all get out - I mean like a god awful chemical acrid taste?
Hops= green.

Green in krausen = hop material.

Nothing to worry about in that regard.
As with the finished beer, the bitter materials tend to get concentrated in the foam.

Do not fear the foam.

However, definitely fear the Blob

the blob.jpg
Thanks gents

If it maintains that crazy arse bitter taste will have to call in mother-in-law....