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Just tossed the flameout hops in and did the post-boil measurements...expected 1.057sg hit 1.056, expected 30.8 litres, hit 31.5 litres.

Somedays brew days just turn out to hit the numbers so well and today was one of those, gotta love it.

Recipe here

Note that I adjusted the grist slightly for a higher OG and yeast was 250ml of 1272 American Ale II slurry from prior APA batch just racked out of conical.
Got to love it when the numbers come out to plan.

Mine is on the boil now, but I missed my numbers today. :( First time I've had variation on the new system. Dialled in 75%, hit 83.2% pre boil. Standard crush etc. Only thing I changed on the system was the hoses to use camlocks?

Side note, I measured the drainings from the mash tun after I flushed the lines with water from the HLT at 78c, got just shy of 6 brix... I'm thinking if I should try a double batch sparge next time. May be able to push into the 80's for house efficiency. I'm more concerned with consistent efficiency, but could be worth the experiment.

Must be the planets aligning or something.
Hit 1.070 from a predicted 1.071 for my blonde. Filled the cube perfectly with just a thimble full of overflow.
Good times.
Best feeling!! It gives you a lot more freedom and confidence when you know your system well enough to hit the targets every time.... :party:
It's just YOU! ...................... improving!!!!

Hit the OG and got 2-3 L extra for the last batch inspire of a stuck mash. Pushes you harder to fine tune the system.

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