Bulk Priming, Flame Out Addition, Dry Hopping And Fining.

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So after a few issues that I have had with the last couple of brews doing no chill, I have come up with an idea that I think kills a few birds with one stone.

*Note- The brew I fermented was a little concentrated, so I need to add about 2 litres of water post ferment to get it to the desired specs and I think fermenting a little concentrated might be handy for this approach.

Ok here goes:
Rack to a secondary to bulk prime.
Use dry malt extract to use as your sugar to bulk prime (here is a link http://http://webspace.webring.com/people/...Calculator.html.
Seeing that you have about 2 litres of water needed to de-concentrate for a 23 batch of beer and you need 268g of dry malt extract for desired volume of CO2, you are in good gravity territory for a hop boil. Add your 10min or flame out addition to your bulk prime, stir it and mix to the secondary.
If you want to add a dry hop into this schedule you will need to now drop your brew to a temperature that the yeast wont eat any of the newly added malt, this would be the time to cold condition, if you were planning on. If not bottle your beer.
Plus if you are dry hopping you could add gelatine fining to the mix, it will sit at the bottom of the secondary where wont be disturbed because you already have the priming sugar through the brew.

Like I said at the start it hasnt been put into action yet, but I think it will work.

It might not be perfect with having to ferment at a higher concentration than OG specs, but it looks to me to have upsides.
Can anyone see any problems with the above method?



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