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as the title says any one tried one of these before?
as in ball/pin..according craftbrewer site ..no more specials there..i get mine from "my beer shop"
West Coast Brewers did one a few years ago, which is where I got 5 of my kegs. Not sure who organised it but from memory they imported a pallette in from overseas and sold them off at $45 each IIRC.
I got some of those cb bulk buy kegs, iirc they may have been a one off of German sourced kegs. You should ask the major suppliers about what would have to happen to get one going. I'm sure you could get heaps of interest on this forum.
If any one can offer any more info on the west coast brewers bulk buy let me know!

CB buy was pick up only, QLD shipping to sydney wouldnt of made it too good.
Most cornie keg soft drink systems have gone over to bag in a box with a syrup pump.
That's why the market got flooded with the now obsolete cornies.

Cornie keg bulk buys are, I fear, now in the same category as 50c happy hour pots.

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