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Brewno Marz

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I am organising a Brisbane/SEQ grain bulk buy for July 2020. This bulk buy moves pick up to the south-side with Craft Brewer. Last orders 19 July 2020. Depending on payments, earliest pick up would be 1 August 2020.

Price list can be found using Goggle Sheets at: BB price list

Please work on the 20 + bags pricing and we can adjust later if we get over 40 bags.

Orders accepted for full sacks (25kg). Half sacks (12.5kg) can be accommodated if another person takes the other half.

A spreadsheet link will follow shortly.

Let’s start the list:

Full sacks
1. Brewno Marz: 2 BB pale, 1 x BB ale, 1 x BB wheat

Half sacks (12.5kg)
1. 2.

Total 4 sacks
Hoping for interest from other Brisbane brewers for this bulk buy.
I'm interested in 1 BB pale, 1 x BB ale, 1 x BB wheat ... providing I can pick it up no later than 1st or 2nd August.

Cheers Mark
Sorry to stuff you around ... but I've had to change my itinerary and won't be in Brisbane now ... so please cancel my order.

Cheers Mark
Would be keen for the next one if anyone else wants to order this week?
Can you post the number of sacks you would be interested in ordering & I will tally up if there enough to do it?

Drop me a pm if you are keen
I'd be interested in the following if this goes ahead -

Barret Burston Malt (Australia)
1 x Pale Pilsner
1 x Ale
1 x Wheat
1 x Crystal (medium)


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