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Brisbane: Free Fridge - Balmoral

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On the way home I noticed a fridge out for council clean up. Top of Fifth Avenue - towards the gateway side of the top (hill is basically M shaped - head to the "top" nearest gateway).

Looked like it was in an ok state and has a sign on it saying it works. It's a reasonable size fridge/freezer (freezer on top). Cleanish and no rust that I saw, but it was night time. Grab it fast I say.

I would offer to grab it and hold it for an AHB member but given that my house is a building site atm that's not an option.

I work at Morningside... thanks for the heads up, I have a 4WD so can pick up..
Any AHB Members intersted.. ?? Will cost you some beer. NOT Megaswill
PM me if interested...
If not..
Ill pick up..

Thanks edschache

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