Brewing Network Show July 26 - Nhc & Hops!

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Just wanted to drop a quick note about The Brewing Network's fourth live
show this Sunday. Last week was a great show that featured a discussion on
mashing for you all-grainers out there. This week, by popular demand, we
are going to follow it up with a spotlight on HOPS! For the first hour and
a half we are going to discuss hop species and their uses, Alpha Acid
levels, calculations for your brew, hopping in each part of the process,and
much more. Then we are going to broadcast a lecture from Vinny Cilurzo,
Brewer/Owner of Russian River Brewing Company, given at the National
Homebrewers Competition in Baltimore last week on dry hopping. Basically
it's hop information galore this week on The Brewing Network, so don't miss
out. Tune in at at 5pm pacific for the live show,
or catch the rebroadcast anytime Tuesday or Wednesday.
Aaron said:
Any word on adding a podcast?

Their forums say that MP3 versions of the shows will be available for download from next week.

I've listened to Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing Co talking about Dry Hopping: Quantity, Time, Temperature & Mixing today. It was really insightful, as to how a production brewing goes about dry hopping, and also what hops they use. The info on their Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger brews was also very good.
Getting me motivated to brew some big hop monsters again. Also I hadn't heard the Triple IPA term from a production brewery before.


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