If you had a fresh new brewery to run...what would you brew?

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Kind of depends where the brewery is.

One path you could take is brew with heaps of local ingredients (this actually makes a lot of sense for craft breweries generally anyway, as they *have* to be locally-focused, given the difficulties and expenses in moving beer around the country, and the difficulty in achieving economies of scale.) A lot of customers would love it - local food is a big trend at the moment.

So do a Hot-Season Saison with orange peel from Mildura or somewhere like that.
An end-of-summer amber, with plenty of fresh local hops.
A barrel-aged RIS for mid-autumn or winter - you could start brewing it one autumn and then open it up next year. Get the punters back!
A spring IPA - more local hops.

(Sounds a bit like Bright Brewery's line up, funny that.)

And one more - a high alcohol barrel-aged mead. Shouldn't be too hard to find a local honey producer and sort out a deal, and aside from the original expense on the honey, making it would be simplicity itself. Because there are almost no good commercially-available meads out there, the taste of a decent aged mead is sublime, and anyone who works out how to sell this drink again could make loads.