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Big Dog Brewing
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Finally took some photos last brew day and updated the stuff on the brewing page on my website which was pretty old.

Brewery photos

I am especially happy with the hydraulic boiler liftovator, which means I can now sparge straight into the boiler and not shag around with plastic containers.

If the bits and pieces hadnt fallen off the back of a mine site, a pump would have been cheaper. But at least this way the gear doesnt need to be put into a permanent structure.
innovation at its best simon.great photos and description. :D

big d
I love it
Only a homebrewer could come up with that lifter Simon ;)
I'm bringing a hard hat next time you have a brew day! :eek:
A wonderful design.... I just hope that the tree is up to it in the long term, as there would be a much bigger mess than the drying rack incident of 2000....

Looks good. I only do kits at the moment so its good to see how its all done.
great minds think alike, heres my answer to a similar problem


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