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Brewers in Melbourne Youre Invited!

Hello Brewers,

I am extending a warm welcome to our club, The Melbourne Brewers. We are having a meeting next Wednesday, September 28th at 7:30 pm at Factory 11, No. 12 Edina Rd. Ferntree Gully. (Melways 73 K1). Most of our members are on the east side of Melbourne. We are a friendly bunch and have a good mix of kit and mash brewers. We will be tasting a few beers, toss around some ideas and chat about methods and ingredients. Come along, we usually have a raffle and some neat beer prizes. You dont have to be a member to visit, come along and just have a beer. We are always interested in meeting new brewers.

We have lots of other activities - we make club brews for our annual dinner, we build equipment, we get together at a yearly campsite where we make a Steinbier using hot rocks to boil. We also enter in various competitions. We run the Beerfest competition held yearly at the Grand Ridge Brewery at Mirboo North. We recently had a great country pub trip on a weekend (took 6 kegs and shared with locals, they thought it was great!) We are organizing trips to microbreweries, maltsters and other beer related destinations. So, if you have been on your own and would like to meet some great blokes, come along.

By the way, we also do some bulk buy sometimes. Some time back, we bought some refractometers and were so pleased with them that we are buying another lot. We almost have enough takers for the next bulk buy and will be closing orders at this meeting. If you want one, come along and put your name down, they work out around $60. (We will be collecting money before we order.)

Hope to see you there,



President of The Melbourne Brewers
0423 827-972

warrenlw63 said:
Thanks Haig!

I'll just wipe my eyes now.

Warren -

Good to see healthy cynics around! More important, are you coming Warren?

Sorry Haig.

As much as I'd like to. I'm in the Nthn. Subs. (too far) and although currently unfinancial am a loyal Westgate member. :)

Warren -
hey Warren, I'm in the northern burbs too but wouldn't mind getting along occasionally (I've been once, paid the membership etc etc etc) - would you be more interested if we shared a lift? Alternate the drinking and the driving?
Thanks for the offer WG. :)

Not so much the driving or the fact I don't want to go. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed. My daughter has Martial Arts training now on Monday nights.

Eats into the WG Brewers meeting times.

Might get back again one day.

Warren -
We need something like this in the Northern Suburbs.......It sounds great but is to far for this black duck.

Westgate meetings are 1st Monday of each month. 7.30pm to 10pm.

Have they changed to Wednesday? :unsure:

Warren -
Wortgames said:
how does monday karate affect the last wednesday of the month Warren? :p

He's still can't walk after being pulverised by his daughter. :p
I think you need to let go of the westgate idea Warren :rolleyes: The Melbourne Brewers meet on the last wed of the month.

I'd be really keen to get along if there are any other brewers in the northern burbs who fancy car pooling. They seem to be a very active club (compared to certain others I've known!) and I had a good night the one and only time I went along.

I'm in the Preston / Heidelberg west area, so if there's anyone in the north or north-eastern burbs that fancies getting along I'm sure we could come up with a cunning plan. It would be pretty handy to share the driving duties!

Wortgames said:
It would be pretty handy to share the driving duties!


Or maybe charter a light plane. Too far for me WG. :p

Warren -
Ooohhhh!!! :wacko: Rob those guys drink too much! :lol:

Warren -
So it's half the distance but twice the BAC then?
;) :lol:
BAC ?? :unsure: Rob may need to break down the acronym. :D

Warren -
Blood Alcohol Content

Sorry, violated the first rule: Thou shalt not use TLAs
Doh - did it again! :p

Three Letter Acronyms

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