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Hi all,

Well I'm finally make the decision to purchase a 20L Braumeister, I live in Country Victoria and was originally going to purchase from Grain and Grape but when looking at Marks Home Brew, they include free freight, pickup tube + one recipe included... Both stores are the same price $2500

Just wondering what other people recommend? :blink:
I can't speak for marks HB and i don't know how far your from Melbourne but G&G is one of the best Home brew shops I've been too. If you got it there and went on the right day you'd be able to watch a demo of the product your buying, and that alone sells me. Not sure about the price of the pickup tube or one recipe but without a full demo id be a chance a fking something in my first batch anyway.

Hell i went to 2 BIAB demos prior to getting my kit ready and still managed to stuff some things up.

It depends on where you live but I If was purchasing a bit of kit with that price tag id go the face to face any day.

EDIT: Just looked at your details and your an hour and half from G&G. I was thinking Mildura or Orbost or Something. Its a worthwhile DAY trip if I was you.
One of the Adelaide local lads bought a 50L Braumeister off of MHB and from all reports has had great service and is very happy with the product. MHB as mentioned supplied a pickup tube and a few other bits and bobs not included by others...

Sweet ass bit of gear

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