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Equipment For Sale Brauduino, 5Star Elements, Pump, Big Pot.

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Hello Brewers.
This is a project I never finished. It's probably 90% of the way to a complete electric double batch system. Finish the controller, Add a false bottom to keep the grain bag off the elements (or suspend the bag), and add a few fittings and valves and bobs your drunkle.

Controller has all the bits but it is NOT finished. All the 12v side is done...but the 240v is not. I started the grounding but I don't think I've done any of the other wiring. All the connectors are there. Needs completing AND checking by a qualified person. It's a quick job for someone who knows what they are doing.

Elements are brand new and unused. 2.5" TriClamp fittings /guards included. Both are 2400w. These cost 125 bucks each plus shipping from 5Star brand new.

Pot needs a clean and passivate around the brazing but everything seems really solid. 2.5inch ferrules for the elements (fittings included) and 2 inch for the bottom and side (no fittings). I reckon its at least 60litres.

I also have a smaller pot (pictured with tennis racquet for size comparison) I was considering making into a malt pipe. It's about 12 litres maybe. I'll chuck in a used MashMaster BIAB bag and 2 little brown pumps too.

Pick up is in Caringbah, Sydney. I have a box that would fit the lot in if you want to organize a courier.

Prefer to sell as one lot if possible. $300 ono. Or make me a reasonable offer.

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Yeah. Not a lot of interest in the whole package so I'm happy to split. Send me a PM.
Pot and Elements have gone! Brauduino and the other random bits still for sale. I'll update the original post when I get a chance.