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Bottles Wanted

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Guys Ive got 2 brews bottled & need a shitload more bottles so I can keep brewing constantly.

Preferably 750ml crown seal type. Anything considered tho.

Im in sydney

check out the local trading post there is always some disgruntled homebrewer trying to flog off all his stuff!!

There not always cheap. I think some guys on this site use old champagne bottles (i think) that they get from the local.
Richo had a load for sale advertised not too long ago. Look aup the thread. He doesnt give location thogh so not sure where he is.


you can use PET Bottles - 600ml and 1.25ltr bottles - 1 teaspoon and 2 teaspoons of sugar for priming respectively.
Just on that plastic bottle idea, I tried the old smuggle-the-stout-in-a-pepsi-bottle-into-the-footy trick for the first time on Saturday. Had my bag searched and everything...no problems - "Enjoy your pepsi, sir." Nice to watch the Dockers cane the Crows. Even nicer with a handsome frothy stout in my hand.
:( Funny feeling that the "Pepsi" may end up being one of the high points of following the Crows this season <_< :ph34r:

Still, it could be worse - it could be next season already
i should learn to pay attention, Ur in sydney, Got it, Too far for me to come give you any bottles.... sorry

Dockers cained the crows..... Thats a first :)

Thanks guys but im pretty well stocked up now with 200 longnecks :D

If anyones in sydney & lookin for bottles id recommend richo, top bloke ;)


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