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A fair few posters here seem to take bottles on aircraft and I guess some interstate mail goes on aircraft but I don't think luggage holds are pressurised. I don't want to make any formal inquiries and get told I can't do it, so was just wondering if anyone can tell me...

Are beer bottles permitted in your luggage?

Anyone ever had any beer bottles popping in their luggage?
Yeah it's fine either in the hold or to carry on. Of course the chances of bottles getting broken by baggage handlers is negated by carrying it on yourself. Note that home brew isn't technically allowed in your carry-on, though obviously they don't always check/ask - I found this out the hard way. Damn my honest nature! :angry:
I bought back a heap of beers when I went to england in 99 and have have bought slabs back from Tassie and SA when I have been there. No probs.
i had bottles empty i bought back from nz in my carry on lugagae no worries i do Iand had bought back ber on his normal luagage well wrapped up in soes ect before
But the airport nazis took a 100mm shifter of me on a domestic flight...

Was really looking forward to pulling apart the whole plane with it...