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Any good ones for newies like me about to do my first partial mash getting a 19 litre pot tommorrow and a can of coopers baviarian lager and a germal lager liquid yeast and may some grain any suggestions
Theres a good online book by J.Palmer

also Home Brewing by Graham Wheeler is a ripper.

Doc, I eagerly anticipate your review of "Brew Classic European Beers at Home". I don't have time for full mash brewing, but I am interested if the book gives alternative recipes for advanced extract and partial mash brews.

One thing: do you find it annoying having to convert everything from pounds, gallons and ounces to metric units, or have you been doing it so long, your brain is already calibrated?

- Snow.
ESB now stock How to Brew (Second edition) by John Palmer.

Its aparently got a lot of info that isnt on the website. Around the $40 mark.
I have a laminated one sheet cheat sheet that has all the imperial to metric conversions on it.
DegF to DegC, oz to gr, pounds to kgs, quarts to litres etc.
I find it useful when converting recipes etc.

If I can find my original file I'll convert it to pdf and post it here.

I actually have another book full of just recipes (food and beer) that has a lot of extract and partial recipes in it. I'll dig it out and post the name of it over the weekend.

The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide
Ok here is the link to the book I mentioned in the previous post.

Just had a skim through it and the Beer Chocolate Cake and Lambic Sorbet recipes look good.
Most of the recipes are extract based/specialty grain ones too.

I would not bother with Laurie Strachan's book. I have it, and read it a couple of years ago, and found it to be an amusing read at best. I don't have any specific examples, but there seemed to me to be some factual faults and some important info skipped over.

Now that I have bagged it, I will re-read it, to clarify what i am getting at.

The book finally arrived a couple of days ago.
I've had a good scan of it and I am very happy.
As the preface says the book is for advanced brewers, so a lot of the "how to brew" stuff is not covered.
However there is a good overview on the techniques used for these styles of recipes.
There is a heap of recipes in the book and they are all in metric and imperial (yeeehah).

Snow; some recipes have an extract version, but not all.

I'm looking forward to both trying some of the commercial beers for the recipes in the book and brewing some of the ones I know.

If you are into European Beers (I guess that is everyone on this board) and you are brewing AG then I recommend this book. If you especially love Belgian beers then you won't be dissappointed as there are recipes for Chimay (Red and White), De Koninck, Duvell, Westmalle.

Out of my beer book collection I rate two the highest. "Designing Great Beers - Ray Daniels" and this one (Brew Classic European Beers at Home - Protz & Wheeler)


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