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wee stu

wee stu's brury - hand made beers, award winning l
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I've Hijacked this from Jayse's Big D thread, just so it don't get lost

Here's another date to add to your Big D diary.

Wednesday 16 June, from 4:30pm at the Belgian Beer Cafe in the East end of the city.

Meet Big D and his dad, and sip on a few well crafted Belgian ales and lagers. Might not be the cheapest night out, but promises to be a good one.

(Major edit) when did a Scotsman ever know a cheap night out???)

This is where it is Belgian Beer Cafe - where it is

Not only is the beer damn good - the mussels are more than fine, and they are good value - even to a diminutive brewer of Caledonian extraction.

Let us know if you can make it - PM me or Big D, or tell the world on ahb!

And yes, GMK, it's in the calendar!!
So you can teach an old Scotsman's New Tricks.

I dont think i can get there.....
I bus it through the city from work, so I'll drop in for a drink or two, around 5:30

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