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The Bludgeon Brewery
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There are a few bushwalkers amongst the sandpeople and, as was discussed at the Sandgroptoberfest, it might not be a bad idea to get out on the Bibbulmun Track together sometime.

This is just a heads up to see if the interest is still there when we are sober.

A rough start might be to propose the Labour Day long weekend in March. There are a few good spots within two hours of Perth where it's easy to leave a car at both ends and walk for two nights.

If there is enough notice I can usually get a Friday or Monday off so feel free to suggest other dates.

Too bad im not in Perth i'd join ya's, i've recently taken up bushwalking as a second hobby to combat my beer gut!
Hmm carrying two days worth of beer sounds heavy..... :blink:
hehe, that's why I was thinking Al.
Maybe I could see if I can borrow a dirt bike, and freight supplies in each night :) I don't think I'd be too keen for the walk, you'd kill me when I got tired and started up with "are we there yet?". :ph34r:
750ml flask is good for two nights no problems.

Fill with port/muscatel/scotch...
deebee said:
750ml flask is good for two nights no problems.

Fill with port/muscatel/scotch...

Aah yes ABV vs weight is an important factor in all human powered expeditions. Maybe we could get some of that 'special' water off Vlad for our water bottles!!

Seriously tho, we are still interested.
when settled in perth i will join the walk for beer crew.can i bring an elephant along as per charlie pappazian,s pic in his book.will make carrying beer easier for me and bar.

big d
GL could tow his wheelie bin :D, could be interested but I am an unfit ******* :huh:
sometimes i find the trip from the bar to the mens and back up to the bar stool a little too much effort :)