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Biab Sale

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Dan Pratt

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Hi Crew,

Im selling my gear for brewing All Grain BIAB so if your ready to make the move from KK or partials, even if your looking to downsize from 3v this could be for you. I have done about 15 or so brews over the past 18 months on this rig and made some good beers.


40 Litre Birko Urn (exposed element)(removed sight glass, still have that if you want that too)
5mm Insulation
1/2 ball valve
Braided hose's
12v Brown Pump and power adaptor
Silicone hose with 3/8 Copper pipe wort return
PID Temp controller ( wired up by qualified electrician - Blackadder Electrical)
Auberins PT-100 Temp sensor

Asking $400 ono.


That's pretty cheap mate, someone's in for a bargain
Great deal mate, Christmas is about to come early for some K&K brewer. Are you giving brewing away all together?

Sure is, pretty keen to sell the gear.

Not giving up the journey just yet, buying a Speidel 20lt with a mate! The proceeds of this BIAB gear sale will enable us to get more equipment like and immersion chiller, stainless steel fermenter and concentrate some more on the yeast etc etc, its a long list...lol. Plus after debating a researching the 3V v's Single vessel brewing, we decided to go with the BM.
If you decide to split at all , I'd be keen on the PID and wort return for my urn
Shame as you almost have everything to build your own, the brewmasters do look pretty good though. Good rig for someone heading down that path.