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Beerbelly Rectangular False Bottom (falsie)

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South of Adelaide
I am selling my Beer Belly rectangular false bottom because i have moved to a round vessel and no longer use a esky.

As described on the beerbelly website:

The 'Falsie' Tun Bottom Screen

Constructed with perforated stainless sheet, with 2mm perforations for good clear runoff .

Designed specifically to fit in the bottom of the average 25 litre (or larger) esky cooler, it has a 12mm (1/2") pickup tube in one end that draws from close to the mash-tun floor to minimise dead space, and is easy to rinse clean. The shape allows even draw from the grain bed including the sides, at the same time ensuring that the screen doesn't move or lift during the mash. Supplied with a removeable stainless plate bottom for use in vessels that don't have a perfectly flat bottom
(as pictured in the left hand image).

The benefits of this device include making your mash run smoother, clearer and with higher efficiencies than many other solutions. And because it's made with stainless steel, it won't rust, or leach anything nasty into your precious wort.

Length (including connection stub on end): 320mm
Width: 130mm (base plate width 140mm)
Height at centre: ~30mm

Price $60



i am interested in the false bottom. where abouts do you live, i am about 30 k,s north of gawler so it might be a bit hard to get to you depending on where you are, if we can arrange something i will take it.
cheers fergi

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