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just wondering if it would work to put a brew that had finished fermenting, put it in a plastic container such as this
prime with the usual amount of priming sugar for the volume. Leave for 2 weeks then draw off a glass as you want? it is intended primarily for a party not as a regular thing.

just wondering what your thoughts were or experiences. any advice appreciated

I don't think it would hold pressure , but why not give it a go dunc , got nothing to loose but a flat beer
thanks batz.
why do you think it will lose it pressure?do you think it will slowly leak out?

yeah ill give it a whirl and see how we go.

and make sure the tap dont leak under pressure, are they made to old softdrink? if so this shouldn't be a issue, but just a thought

hate to see a follow up post explaining you have moved houses - to the dog house, for spilling beer in the miss's fridge

Dunc - don't waste beer trying to find out. :)

Why not put some warm to hot water in it, close and lock the lid and then open the tap. Some of the water will come out and with any luck the inside will be at a lower pressure. Close the tap and as the water cools the water vapour in the head space will condense and lower the pressure further.

If all this works then you can leave it for a few days and then try to get the lid off. If the seal is tight then the internal pressure will still be low and the lid will be hard to open - if not then as Batz says, it probably wont work.

I gave this a go with my 15L cooler and it held the pressure but not for all that long.

sounds good trev

how long did the pressure manage to hold for?

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