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Hi guys

Sorry if this is a nooby question but thought i better ask before wasting my money.

I have a Langco Florite urn I picked up off gumtree which I want to replace the tap with a ball valve (sight glass made it leak and it just seems easier than cleaning it all)

I have measured the tap thread basically just from the tip of the tap thread as a diameter (hard to explain). Basically it comes to 20mm, meaning 3/4" I assume..

Can anyone confirm this? Or better still does anyone know what thread size the langco florite 30L urns need? Or even tell me how to measure them? Is it the measurement of the largest part (e.g the actual thread) or the part where there is no thread. I basically get either 20mm or 25mm depending on what i measure..

How big is the whole in the urn? Or does the tap just go onto a thread already on the urn?
You will need a bulkhead/kettle skin (the whole sounds big enough) then a 1/2" ball valve onto that.
If it leaking from the sight glass hole in the tap bulk head it's an easy fix to plug it.


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