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my local Homebrew shop has a large selection of bacchus and barley brew's

i am wondering what people who have used them think of the range

and it would be really nice to get some really really simple recipe suggestions for beers of the bacchus and barley range

thank you
Have never used them, so cannot give a personal recommendation, but am sure they would be fine.

Make sure the tins are fresh, that they are not near the use by date.

Ask your homebrew shop (HBS) for suggested recipes, often the manufacturers of the kits make suggestions and supply leaflets. The HBS probably has bags of additives made from dried malt extract, dextrose and maltodextrin to add to the kits.

An excellent starting point is 500gms of dried malt extract and 500 gms dextrose to add to your brew.

Make sure every surface that touches your beer is cleaned and sanitised including all the tap, lid, grommet, airlock and sealing oring are cleaned.

Ferment at 20 deg C.

Leave it rest for about 4 days after it has reached its final gravity, then bottle.

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