Awwww...crap! My Kegs Emptying Itself!

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Returned home the other night to find one of my kegs merrily emptying itself onto the bottom of my chest freezer through a leaking poppet. On closer inspection it actually looked like a crack somewhere under the oring and not the poppet at all, but I'm not sure now. I'll play about and find out when I get an empty keg to play with.

Anyway, I just changed the whole post and put in a new poppet and it fixed the problem. But not before a litre or two of my precious ESB had seeped onto the bottom of my freezer. Kind of lucky I found it when I did and that I had a freezer and not a fridge or it may have been the kitchen floor instead.

So just a word of warning to new kegger's out there to check your kegs for leaks when you take off your disconnects and walk away. Yes it could have been worse, I could have had a sprayer or I could have lost ALL my beer (oooo... that would have been a mess indeed, and very sad :( ).

Learnt my lesson and hope not to be caught again. Wasted beer is no laughing matter and should be taken very seriously indeed. :angry:

Cheers, Justin
Lesson 2. keep a long straw handy to suck up the lost brew :p
your right Justin, you were lucky, good for you.

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