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Hey Asher,
I saw a reference in the refractometer thread in regards to your rice lager,
any chance of posting your recipe, I make one to and was interested to compare them and give yours a shot.

Ummm... Im not Asher but I can help.

The recipe is on his website.

Ashers site

His version is a Green Tea rice lager.

I tried some at the last brew day and it is a lovely crisp drop. Its first on my list when I get my brewing fridge. For my taste I am going to increase the amount of green tea from his amount on the web site.
Thanks Guys, I will tack this onto my to-do list
I can highly recommend this beer! Would be a perfect sessional beer on a hot summers day
Ey... Shees a wee ripper

A couple of extra bits worth a thought...

This is the one beer that I don't use low alfa hops in. I'm a big fan of the low alfa plugs usually, but here I feel they impart too much flavour (Not sure that's the right word) What I mean is if you use a large mass of hops to achieve the same bitterness as a smaller amount of a higher %AA hop the result would be different..... taking away from the crispness this beer has.....

GL spoke of adding more tea for his tastes. Mine is pretty well 1/2 the strength I normally drink the tea at.. Considering on a sultry Sunday arvo I could easing polish of 3 litres I think that's plenty of caffeine to get me bouncing off the walls... Oh yeah green tea can have a laxative affect in high doses, so be warned !

I've had no problems/complaints with the GT yet, but wort mentioning none the less....

Asher for now
Would Chinese green tea be much different.

Thats what I usually drink, and find Japanese tastes a bit whack for me.
Yeah, but just imagine how much easier the cycle home would have been with 3 litres of double strength extra caffeinated beer inside me.
For those looking for flaked can get it in the "Health food" isle at your local super market. About $2-3 per 500 gm. Same with flaked Oats for your oatmeal stout and flaked barley for the cream ales
Great news for you guys however I scoured the health food section of all my local supermarkets and came up empty handed, then went to an Asian food store and asked them. They didn't have any but got some in.
For guys in Brisbane there is an awesome Indian spice store in Strathpine which has just about everything. They would probably have flaked rice, corn, barley etc and definitely have stuff like dried orange peel.
I buy Lowan brand "grain". Its got a bright yellow packaging.

Also try the "alterantive" breakfast cereal section at the supermarket.
Following on from Hoops's reference to finding Flaked Rice, the Indian store he mentions is on Dixon Street in Strathpine, and they have it for $2.99 for a 500g bag.
Also should be able to find stuff for a wit there, with plenty of spices to be seen.... and you can buy chilli powder by the kilo bag if that is your fancy.

With regard to the caffiene content in Ashers GT i can say this; After consuming numerous pints of it with Asher during the christmas break one night :chug: , myself normally a very good sleeper and especially after several beers, found myself lying in bed awake for most of the night buzzing :rolleyes: a feeling not unlike the time i drank 7 double vodka redbulls on a ski trip in NZ.....

The GT is a grand drop, full points to Asher for its fact Asher you should get royalties on its production ;)

Not following up on my own post but one on supply of flaked rice.

For the sandgropers theres an Asian Food Store in Mt Lawley almost opposite the Queens pub which sells flaked rice for $3.50 a kg sold in 5kg bags. Its the cheapest ive seen it around.
Cool, thats much closer to me. When I was extract brewing I went in there and asked for liquid rice malt to do a Japanese lager and they looked at me like I had 2 heads. But now that I can do it with flaked stuff I'll grab some.
Guest Lurker said:
they looked at me like I had 2 heads
Has nobody told him?

Sorry :D :D

No Batz - its definatley on one head...... its just a wierd shape.

My daughter has allergies and recently went on a wheatless, sugarless, yeastless, foodless diet. I discovered rice syrup which is sugary and tastes vaguely malty. Ingredients are rice and water. It might be an interesting adjunct.

My hands are tied with other things right now and I have no brewing plans for a couple of months. Might look into it then.

If anyone is interested I found it in the health food aisle at Coles.
i ahve finally made the A's GTL.

its only a few weeks old but i thought i should sample a glass to see how its going.

it was ligth in colour and crystal clear.. i chilled it and it hazed over

its still younge and tasting like a nice drop. Question is, have others got the haze? is it related to the tea?, use or a CFWC or just bad brewing? I have never had a chill haze (that i know of) before

cheers... now back to that GTL

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