Anyone Interested in Bulk Apple Juice From Nudie Juice?

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I have contacted Nudie Juice - they stock Apple Juice -


The 2 Lt bottle retails for $6.10 in my local Coles.

This is a nothing but fruit no added anything juice that is delivered to nudie and crushed by nudie (that sounds a bit sus) within 72 Hours

I can get it at $4.67 per 2LT Bottle for minimum spend of $50 - this includes delivery.

Biggest container is the 2LT bottle

That's $2.33 a litre for fresh cloudy australian apple juice

I asked if Bulk buy could drop price - this will be considered if I advise of quantity.
Im sure if u jeep the thread bumped and a few clubs swndbout an email to members you could get some big numbers
Makes me wonder what price kellybrook winery would do...
If anyone wants to sort your own Juice - Give Nude Juice a call (03) 9316 1903 for Victoria
I was quoted spend $50 and they will deliver for free
Nah arrange a bulk buy if the price is right. Given 20L is almost the $50min, get 20 people and they make $800.
Or u find out nudie's supploer details and u go directly to them and give them the profit. It will be even cheaper and go directly to the supplier.

Edit. Scrap that I jusy reread OP and see nudie crush it themselves. Still ibrecon I could get a better price if u get at least 20 people.
peas_and_corn said:
That's some expensive juice there
so wheres cheaper? Aldi is about $1 L for processed juice ie concentrate. So not bad atvall. Unless u have an alternative supplier.
I thought it was a good buy - hard to find this sort of juice cheaper - but hey if anyone else comes up with a better deal then I will drop this like a hot potato
If we get enough interested then yeah might get better price
Remember it's all in 2lt bottles so everything needs to be in multiples of 2lts
I am keen on 30lt's

They don't quote a pear juice on there site but I will ask
I would be keen on pear juice to
TheCarbinator said:
I would buy 40 litres.
Also keen on 20 litres of pear juice.
Will find out if they do pear juice
Since your in Brisbane might have to leave you to get your own - they should have QLD distributors
citymorgue2 said:
so wheres cheaper? Aldi is about $1 L for processed juice ie concentrate. So not bad atvall. Unless u have an alternative supplier.
Back when I was in the Adelaide winemaking and brewing club we had an annual apple crush where we got juice for 60c/l
60c/L for fresh juice ? That's great ! When / where did you get it?
DrSmurto said:
I bought 40L of organic apple juice that was freshly pressed an hour before I picked it up for $50 direct from an orchard - Adelaide Hills.

Here is a link to apple growers in Victoria - Link
Thanks for that - did you approach the orchard directly? Do they all make juice? Cheers I am keen to give that a go
I would be interested in a bulk buy of juice. If we could source some from the Yarra Valley that'd be perfect.
I am going to call it quits on this post - if anyone is keen to get some nudie Juice please go ahead - details in earlier post.

I have had lots of great feedback from others here and have been in contact with Harcourt Juice / Cider Makers

They have quoted $1.40/lt for either apple or pear juice - preservative free unpasteurised from the orchard
It's a bit of a drive from Melbourne but that's my plan
I'd be down for 100-200L of fresh juice in a bulk buy

Edit: my gosh I'm a cock should have read the post above

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