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The [US] Federal Fire Department recommends the following if you are planning to deep fry your next turkey:


Do not use the fryer inside. Fry outside only.

Do not attempt to place a deep fat frying pot filled with oil and turkey over a camp fire. Use a gas-operated type of burner with a retaining ring.

Do not use animal fat frying oil. Use only a vegetable, peanut or cotton seed oil.

Do not attempt to put a big turkey in a little pot. To avoid oil overflow spills, place the turkey in the pot and then fill pot with water to four inches from the top. Then remove the turkey from the water and mark that water level on the pot. Use this mark as your "fill point" for the cooking oil. Make sure that the pot is big enough for the job.

Do not attempt to place a frozen or partially thawed turkey in the hot oil. The oil will splatter, pop and spit all over the place.

Do not overheat the oil. Maintain a temperature of 325 degrees, not to exceed 350 degrees. Use a thermometer that clips to the pot.

Do not attempt to remove the turkey from the hot oil with the burner on. Turn the burner off before removing the turkey.

Do not use water on the hot oil in case it flashes or catches on fire. Have a five-pound B-C type of extinguisher in the immediate area.

To avoid burns, wear gloves, eye protection and shoes (not slippers) when frying. If you get burned, cool the burned area immediately with water.

Have a phone handy to call 911 if there are any problems (fire, burns, spills).

Never, never leave the deep fat fryer unattended.