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Finally got around to doing an AG on Saturday / Sunday. :rolleyes:

Had a couple of set backs on the way.

Sparg got stuck. Think it was something to do with my braided hose setup.

Couldn't get boil going, took about an hour, and even then it wasn't really rolling too well.

Couldn't cool down wort very well, left it outside till midnight with the lid on, ran water over the pot, tipped it in around 40~50 deg C

Let it cool down overnight will I slept quite well.

Pitched my 1272 slurry, and it took off like a rocket, about 8am sunday (after it also bew out of my starter airlock all over the ceiling. MOF is not happy . /me is banished to shed for further brews.)

FG is around 1.050, bit low should have been 1.073 (must have been sparging probs)

Today the SG is around 1.010 :huh: , seems to be an extraordinaly fast ferment @ 22 C.

Got another sample settling now to check SG.

Despite all this it doesn't taste too bad so far. Will post recipe if all turns out OK.

they get easier each time you do one, says he with a grand total of 5 under his belt
Rechecked SG just then, definitely 1.010, checked hydro seems OK. Ferment must be all about over then, in just 18 hours...
Rice hulls are great for ensuring a smooth runoff. (I also found that moving from a false bottom to a bazooka mesh did wonders - I was pretty surprised.)

I had stuck mashes when I first started AG. I was crushing the grain much finer than my HBS.

I'm sure it will taste great.

It takes a bit of tinkering and learning as you go along Jesmol.
Well done anyway.

Ferments can be quick, lots of my customers get quite discombobulated when they pitch a decent yeast like Nottingham just how fast furious and quick a ferment can be, esp compared to an itty bitty packet that comes with a kit

Jovial Monk
I found my best sparge set up is batch sparging with a copper slotted manifold surrounded by a grain steeping bag. You don't even have to recirculate the wort, as the bag filters the floaties for you. Haven't had a stuck sparge yet, even with 50% wheat.

- Snow
Currently looking at Manifold options at the moment. Will probably go copper or PVC slotted.

The brews been racked , starting to clear quite well, will check SG tonight, again....
Checked the brew again tonight . SG 1.008, must be finished now.

Racked again to get off the crap that was up to at least half the tap, most of it looked like a yeast slurry, harvested some of that.

Tasted the brew, even now it tastes great, will now leave on secondary for a week with my dry hop, and then CC. Looking forward to this one. B)

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