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amarillo goes off like simco fuk i have never tasted beers this good thank you mantickle for introducing me and being so persistant about all grain ya won me over from cans
find it funny when ya say the beer gets better when it warms most pple look at ya and say ahha......i have just started kegging and well i have felt alot of off flavours droped the gas and tastes nice have to degas a heap of bottles
haha sounds like you've had a few droughtmaster, good work :beerbang:
Nice one. It took me a long time before I brewed with the US hops, but Amarillo is something very special. I love the stuff to.

What's in fat yak? I was at a bowls club the other day and got onto the FY as opposed to the Gold <_< and noticed that as the bottle warmed, it tasted better and better (as opposed to, say, a TED which tastes more and more like eau de bin de wheelie.
Pretty sure its cascade and Nelson Sauvin

I'll second that. For some reason I can't connect to google atm (hmmmmm <_< ) but I do remember it being NS and cascade from memory

I've never tried NS, people were getting a bit hysterical over it last year - always seemed to be mentioned in the same sentence as "10 min IIAAAIIPPP with half a kilo of NS in the last 10 seconds" type of wankery and I decided to leave it alone till they stopped flapping around waving their handbags. Might be a good time to give it a whirl. :)
I wonder how Droughtmaster feels today :lol:

Amarillo was one of my gateway hops...
Now I'm completely fruity.

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