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Ive got a 200 Litre Tucker box setup with 2 kegs and gas bottle inside.

The problem I have is when I pour my first beer for the day I get sprayed with beer froth as the air/gas in the lines is purged out of the tap.

When I take a look inside the lid I notice the the 2 metres of beer line I have on the liquid side is just about all gas and no beer.

I am figuring that the beer is bubbling in the tube leaving CO2. Cant be a leak cause it is on the liquid side.

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening and how I avoid it?

Pouring pressure is 80-100 kpa
Beer line is coiled


Try degassing your keg at the end of each day. The reapplying the gas at about 1/2 that pressure overnight. Will stop it from decarbonating, but shouldnt over carbonate either as it sounds like it is doing in your lines currently.

You may even be able to just turn off your gas overnight, this could solve your problem.

Cheers, Rob
I had I similar problem, it turned out to be a dodgy crimp on my beer line. Unscrew your tap from the box then reconnect the beer line to the tap and dump the whole lot in a bucket of water, then you will see any bubbles. Works better than soapy water.