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I made my first batch of barleywine yesterday, and i was worried about the yeast, so i pitched onto a yeast cake, except for about 200mls which i kept for the 2ndary if it was needed. Well, i definately dont need anymore yeast!, the bloody thing went from 1090 yesterday at noon, to 1020 at about 10am this morning!!.

My question/worry is what flavours can i expect from such a fast fermentation??, the brew was around 22c all night.
May be no off flavours but almost certainly off effects.
I made a RIS similar OG to yours and yes it was finished in 24 hours.
Boy did it pack migraine inducing power. I suggest ensuring you have plenty of panadol or whatever before getting loaded on it.
Just remeber next time if pitching onto a cake to chill to about 2 degree C below target ferment temp.
Darren said:
Just remeber next time if pitching onto a cake to chill to about 2 degree C below target ferment temp.

I'd go even lower. Maybe at least 5. :blink:

MJE I dare say you got yourself some runaway ferment temps there. :eek: Darren's right the hangover factor is significant. I made a Tripel once that had the same effect.

It's amazing how much heat a H/G ferment can produce.

Warren -
A close friend of mine is studying wine making at Adelaide Uni. He made his first white wine this year. They ferment in SS conicals, which they place in cold rooms to control the temp. They had the conical in the cold room set at 0C, but the temp of the fermenting wine stayed at 18C. That's a lot of heat being generated by yeast.

I took a picture of those conicals last week. Got a few funny looks from some of the people there.

I would concur with the temp thing, though. How were you measuring it? A temp strip on the outside might be reading 22, but the interior might be at a different temp entirely.
Thats why I have my temperature probes in the centre of the brew - Don't see the point of going to great lengths to have temp controlled fridges, then letting your brew rise well out the range you want...
Might have to be a winter sipper!. It was in a brew fridge set at 18c, but the strip itself on the ferm was higher than the brew as it was only 12 litres. Bugger. Might have to call it "Slegdehammer Barleywine" haha

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