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Hi guys,I have two brew fridges and I can only fit 1 standar 25l fermenter in each but would like to increase my output.
I have come across some 60l fermenters that will fit in my fridges.
The ???? is can I just double the reciepe and make a 46l batch in each of these giving me double the output. B)
Yes cannot see why not. Should have ample headroom for krausen 46L in a 60 fv.
Yes, go forth and multiply. Both packs of yeast too (at least).
When i first found 60L fermenters i thought they were the raddest thing ever, then i got an infection in one, and then repitched the yeast. Just remember that they are hard to move around when full, so make sure you can bottle or keg from where it ends up fermenting.
Yes, definitely! 60L fermenters are aewsome, but heavy buggers when full...
I usually do doubles in my 60L fermentor. I usually crash chill for a week after fermenting in it and put 19L into a keg before moving it (very heavy) and filling the second one.