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5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher For Sale - Brisbane

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Beer me up, Scotty!
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5kg, empty, with dip tube removed. Good condition, a few scrapes and very minor rust on surface of head. Fits standard homebrew CO2 regulator. Fully tested and stamped January 2010. $50

Pickup in Kenmore.



Cheers - Snow
quoting myself from a thread


they do fire ex's

i had my CO2 bottle filled and hydro tested at oz aquatec yesterday

phone: 07 3399 1413
Address: 3/160 Riverside Place Morningside QLD 4170
Email: [email protected]

they were very professional and looked after me very well and they can certify pressure vessels, do scuba stuff and lots more i am sure as they had some interesting looking test equipment

they don't really fill on demand, more like overnight as they like to do a run of CO2 to save on waste / labor
best to give them a call to check best day to drop off and they are shutting shop over xmas

costs are

$45 for a hydro test

CO2 $ roughly
upto 2.3 = $22
then roughly $10 a kg getting cheaper the more you buy 5kg = $8kg (+-)
Any fire extinguisher place should fill no worries. I can recommend Eversafe in Morningside. Maybe not the cheapest (around $60-70 for a 5kg refill) but they had no issue removing my dip tube and pressure testing another old 2kg cylinder for a similar price.

Why you selling up Snow?

Who fills them in bris snow? I might be interested...

Sorry King Brown, you were beaten by a Northside Novice PM by 7 minutes :(

I've decided to upgrade to a larger Mykegsonlegs bottle that I can swap and go five minutes down the road. It's just more convenient for me.

As far as I know there are a few places to get them filled around Brissy. I got mine done at Chubb Fire on Beaudesert Rd, Archerfield. Prices varied on who was manning the tanks at the time. Last time I got it filled it was $30. The times before that it was $50.

Cheers - Snow.