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Equipment For Sale 4 tap keezer/urns/mill/chiller/kegs etc Melbourne

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Long time no post.

Hence I've finally decided to move on my keezer and all grain equipment. From just a quick look stuff doesn't seem to move very fast here now. Before I take heaps of time to photograph it all I'll just put up a description to gauge if there is any interest in my gear?

Haier 300lt ? Chest freezer with collar
4 Perlick taps
Fridge mate thermostat
5 corny kegs
Gas regulator
Birko 40lt urn
Electric element 60lt boiler on cast iron stand
Monster mill mounted on base w'fluted stainless hopper
Copper immersion chiller
Large Willow esky mash tun
Stir plate for yeast

Pretty much everything you need bar a few smalls to all grain brew/brew in bag and keg/bar set up

Obviously willing to separate and pickup in Melbourne northern suburbs.

Help fund my kids athletics season ahead and travel costs. My have priorities changed these days 😆

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