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3v two tier HERMS brewery

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wantirna, melbourne
Hi all,
Regrettable sale of this brewery I’ve pieced together over the years. Simply can’t find the time to use it between uni and work.
3 vessels herms, two tier. 2200w Electronically heated HLT with HERMS coil. Igloo us made MLT with ss false bottom and sparge/recirculation manifold. Adjustable high pressure Bayou burner (jet burner) fired kettle all on a heavy steel tube castor wheeled welded frame. 19L/min high-temp magnetic drive pump.
I’ve included the dual PID control box that’s about 80% complete. It worked last time I used it but the in-line temp probes (included) will need to be wired up properly. Easy enough to do yourself. It’s no top-shelf masterpiece but it’s got all the ingriedients! It will need some tinkering by you but it shouldn’t be far off fully functional. You could always get a cheap keg king controller and plug that and the pump into a power board if you wanted a simpler, but fully functional system
Cheers for looking! :)
Located Scoresby, Victoria 3179
See gumtree listing for details and pictures!
Asking $499.99, ($50 less than gumtree) for my AHB brethren

Please note/disclaimer: I assume no responsibility for said control box, as with all DIY electronics, the responsibility is on you entirely to make sure it’s safe and to have it checked independently by a qualified electrician.

As is, advertised elsewhere
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