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  1. RickyC

    Direct Fired 3V Brewery For Sale

    Reluctant sale due to moving overseas. Pics over on Gumtree here Brutus 10 style build. Practically brand new. Boil kettle – stainless steel, 71 litre volume, three 1” tri clover connections welded direct to vessel, tangential liquid input for whirlpooling. Mash tun – stainless steel, 71...
  2. nathanvonbeerenstein

    3v two tier HERMS brewery

    Hi all, Regrettable sale of this brewery I’ve pieced together over the years. Simply can’t find the time to use it between uni and work. 3 vessels herms, two tier. 2200w Electronically heated HLT with HERMS coil. Igloo us made MLT with ss false bottom and sparge/recirculation manifold...