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There is a 3 Gal US (11.5L) Ball Lock Keg on E-bay at the moment for $97.25.

Is this cheap?

Can you get these in Australia or is it cheaper to import them from the States?

No joy last night as I sampled my first attempts at kegging, just a weak dribble of flat liquid. Re-gassed last night, keg was cold, gave it a could shake (50 times as per previous instructions) and purged a bit of gas - will hopefully be good to go over the weekend.

I can see I'm going to get right into kegging!

I dont understant the what the fuss is with gassing kegs.

I just gas it at my serving pressure of 100kpa. I leave the gass on for about a week and its perfectly carbonated. Now this only serves true if youve got no gas leaks, and enough lenght of beer line to balance the system (i.e. 100kpa at the keg and due pressure loss in the beer line - just above atmospheric pressure at the tap - just enough to get a good stream of beer flowing)

3gal cornie kegs are like hens teeth in Aus. You can buy them new fom kegsystems for around $250. Ive got a mate mail ordering some from morebeer.com in the US. worked out much cheaper than buying them here if you can stand the wait for surface mail at the moment....

Asher for now

Asher for now
just keep it simple the first time you keg mate. Fill it to 300 psi(or kpa) shake like hell 50 times, reduce pressure to 15ish taste. If not gassy enough do it some more. You'll sought out your system pretty fast. Then you can start improving trying better/different ways. There are many pros and cons for all ways.
But when you get your keg, you just want to drink. Just wait about an hour after shaking your keg.

Not only are the 3 gallon kegs rare in Australia, they are also rare in the US (compared to the supply of 5 gallon kegs). Even in the US the prices for a 3 gallon keg are around 3-4 times the price of 5 gallon keg, so I would say the e-bay price is high, but fair. You will get it cheaper out of the US, but will have to wait about 2 months for it to arrive.


$100 is the going rate for the 3Gal kegs - if you can find one. I was looking for some for years and could not find any for sale. I ordered some from the US which at the time the OZ $ was good so cost me about $65ea. I had to wait 14 weeks for mine, so I suppose it's up to whether you can wait, and you would need to order a couple to make it worthwhile or your postage would cost too much.

I stopped bidding at $50 even though I new it was worth more but I could see it was well on its way up fast.
Fish said:
No joy last night ... just a weak dribble of flat liquid.
You should get to the doctor immediately.

In all seriousness, you quickly get a feel for kegging. The biggest factor is the "delay" in dissolving the CO2 in the beer. The shaking just speeds everything up.

Also when you gas a full keg, there is not much headspace so the pressure drops off quickly as you drink beer.

If you want to compare with new kegs, checkout http://www.stainlesstanks.com.au/kegs.html . These are locally made and the prices don't include posts or GST,

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