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I've been to a few stores, and I can't seem to find any 20-25 eskys with taps.

I've decided to start brewing 10 litre batches of AG so a I don't need large mash tun.

The other day I came across a 15 plastic bucket that I could convert, but what kind of insulation would I put around it to keep the heat in?
Thanks Batz.

I've seena bunch of esky to mashtun converts but I assumed they all removed a already present tap.
2 layers of bubble wrap as insulation around the bucket will do the trick...
Also a camping mat. Those thin foam ones. Can get em for about $5 from a discount store.

Cheers, JD
I've heard the camping mats are the go , never seen them for $5.00 up here :(
Sorry to hear Batz. We have a $2 type store here called Chickenfeed, they have them for $5 each. Otherwise about $10-$12 will buy you one from Kmart. They look nice and neat too. I think that's what I'll cover my keg mash tun with if/when I ever go for the keg mash tun over the esky. Really cant go past the beverage cooler atm. Does me well, but no where near as sexy as a s/s keg.

Cheers, Justin
I have a rubbermaid , I was thinking of covering my HLT , we do have a couple of those junkie stores , better have a look in them
Gotta say the couple of layers of bubble-wrap works a treat!
or an old quilt be good too thats what i use
OK Iam about to do a few AG half batches for the first time but I have a 55lt rectangle esky is there any problems I will encounter with the amount of space or with the thickness of the grain or something like that?

i use a rectangular coleman 55L esky as a mash/lauter tun....see;


With only a half batch, the temp will drop a bit over 60 mins....the smaller thermal mass and large head space in a 55L esky contribute to this...no dramas but..u can still do it.

preheating the esky with 4 L of boiling water before u dough in will help to maintain the temp a bit.....

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